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What is Full Service Residential?

This concept has existed for a short while in various forms and under the auspices of other adaptations in luxury living destinations around the globe. In its various forms and definitions, what it boils down to is 5 star-service in residential areas. But again, what does 5 star-service mean with regards to residential living because 5 star-service could apply to restaurants that only serve food. Full Service Residential, FSR, refers to luxury resort style service in the comfort of your home; providing concierge services, laundry, house cleaning, full gym, spa, salon, restaurant, bar, game rooms, and the list goes on. FSR is not just a concept. It is a way of life.

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Outstanding Panama City Dining Experiences

Every day, Panama City's top chefs try to outdo themselves by using the best ingredients and implementing different techniques, to offer unique dining experiences and tasteful meals that will leave their customers astonished. 

We present to you, seven of the best restaurants in Panama City. Feel free to explore these wonderful gastronomic options, either on your own, with your other half or with the entire family.

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Finest Spas in Panama City: ¡Get Pampered!

It's time to check your priorities and put your well-being first. Say goodbye to stress and enjoy a day of pure relaxation in the finest and most exclusive spas in Panama City.

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Most Enjoyable Activities for Couples in Panama City

When you are in a relationship, it’s important to change the routine to keep things interesting. It is recommended to spend quality time with your partner exploring different activities, visiting places neither of you have seen before and doing new exciting things as a couple.

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Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in Panama City

The place where a family lives is very important because it directly affects the routine of each one of its members. Panama City is one of the most beautiful and complete places in the world, it offers a perfect balance between city and green spaces.

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Top 5 Nicklaus Design Golf Courses

Nicklaus Design is synonymous with greatness. Its name as a company is among the highest standards of the design business, not only for the construction and maintenance of golf courses all over the world, but for what it represents for society to belong to a distinguished club. The brand highlights, among other things, the relationship between golf and luxury.

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FENDI CASA: Interior Design meets LuxuryFashion

FENDI CASA was born in 1987, the brainchild of Alberto Vignatelli, CEO of Luxury Design Group. Vignatelli’s dream was to dress interiors in the same luxury as the Fendi name had been dressing generations of women. In his vision, the iconic FF logo would be stamped on the same lavish furs and leathers on its new furniture lines as on the runway.

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FENDI CASA: Meet the 2017 Collection

The rich FENDI CASA catalogue features furnishings for every corner of your home. The 2017 collection blends high modernity with retro details - but its elegance is always timeless.

The Contemporary Collection is accented by clean shapes and astonishing contrasts.

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Los Branded Projects toman fuerza entre el mundo inmobiliario por el retorno de inversión que presentan en comparación a otros proyectos. ¡Conoce más al respecto al descargar la guía!

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